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Dodd & Hanley in form in Munster


image1 (2)

Ireland’s Jack  Dodd rode Ballywalter Farms ‘Wrangler'(Padinus) to  3rd place while fellow Mayo man Cameron Hanley rode his new mount ‘Falco van Spieveld’ (Toulon) into 6th place.

The Irish men have been going exceptionally well at the 4* show with many placings in top classes. Jack Dodd rode ‘Quarto mail’to 8th place in the opening class. He also rode Ballywalter farms ‘Dino W’ into 5th in 7/8year old class.

Cameron Hanley rode his own ‘Cas'(Indoctro) to 5th place in the 1.45 m.

David Will and the Cruising gelding ‘Mic Mac Du Tillard’ rode to victory in the 150m class.

150 Munster csi4*

1st  Mic Mac du Tillard Will, David GER  65.09 sec
Cruising/M.v.Galoubet A/SF/GER42059/B: Lejeune,Bernadette RUF Pfungstadt e.V.

2nd Balermo Kutscher, Marco GER  68.28 sec
Baloubet du Rouet/M.v.Silvio I/OS/102SR56/B: Lutte,Karsten ZRFV Riesenbeck e.V.

3rd  Wrangler Dodd, Jack IRL  69.99 sec
Padinus/M.v.Burggraaf/KWPN/GBR41286/B: Ballywalters Farms Irland – Ireland

4th Udermus Lindelöw, Douglas SWE  70.14 sec
Odermus R/M.v.Jackson/KWPN/102YT34/B: Horse Invest AB Schweden – Sweden

5th  Inliner Bitter, Eva GER  70.95 sec
Iiberio/M.v.Sao Paulo/HANN/104EI07/B: Niedersächsisches Landgestüt Celle RV St.Georg Münster e.V.

6th  Falco van Spieveld Hanley, Cameron IRL  72.37 sec
Toulon/M.v.Lys de Darmen/BWP/104BJ16/B: LSF SHOWJUMPERS LTD Irland – Ireland



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