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Daniel Coyle Unstoppable



Daniel Coyle has taken 2nd in the 1.50m Enbrudge Classic Derby at Spruce Meadows.

He rode Sue and Ariel Grange’s ‘Ridley’ in this very competitive class. This rounded off a fantastic summer series for Daniel in Calgary with many wins and top placings.

To name a few:

1st Somerset in the 1.45m U25 Grand Prix

1st Fortis Fortuna in the 1m50 AON Cup

1st Somerset  wins the 1.45M FEI class

1st Forona wins the 130M jumper

1st Fortis Fortuna wins the Under 25 Cup

ENBRIDGE Classic Derby – 1.50M

1 QUETCHUP DE LA ROQUE Selle Francais / M / 12 Quidam de Revel x Kannan CHRIS SURBEY (CAN) CALGARY, AB Linda Southern-Heathcott 0 140.14 847

2 RIDLEY Canadian Sport Horse / G / 10 Ustinov x Adlantus AS DANIEL COYLE (IRL) ARDEMORE Susan Grange 8 135.58 681

3 WORLDS JUDGEMENT Dutch Warmblood / M / 13 Judgement x Farmer LISA CARLSEN (CAN) OKOTOKS, AB WJ Partners 8 136.75 703

4 CRISTALLO Holstein / G / 18 Caretino x Cicero RICHARD SPOONER (USA) AGUA DULCE, CA Show Jumping Syndication Intl 8 140.14 735

5 WINSLOW HIGH Swedish Warmblood / G / 0 Camielle Flamingo Z x Montgomery VANESSA MANNIX (CAN) CALGARY, AB Vanessa Mannix 8 141.47 727

6 UTOPIA Dutch Warmblood / M / 15 Ircolando x Notaris JOHN PEREZ (COL) CUAJIMALPA John Perez 8 144.72

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