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Jack Dodd 4th in Sommerstorf GP


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Jack Dodd rode Ballywalter Farms ‘Quarto Mail’ (Cardento X Alligator Fontaine) into 4th place in a very competitive 1m50 Grand Prix in Sommerstorf.

The class was won by Germany’s Jorg Naeve riding ‘Quantas’.

CSI2* Sommerstorf, Germany 1m50 Grand Prix

1. Quantas Naeve, Jörg GER car 0 Strafpunkte 48.78 sec
B 9-j.W v.Quintero/M.v.Laurin/HOLST/103VM14/B: Romeike, Susanne & Voigt, Jutta jump-off
2. Samba de Janeiro Moormann, Rolf GER 4925.00 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 49.66 sec
F 9-j.S v.Stolzenberg/M.v.Glenfiddich/HANN/104NT19/B: Moormann, Rolf jump-off
3. BSC Cha Cha Cha Wulschner, Holger GER 3695.00 EUR 8 Strafpunkte 50.55 sec
B 11-j.H v.Casall/M.v.Le Grand I/HOLST/103HD80/B: Wulschner, Astrid U. Löffler, K jump-off
4. Quarto Mail Dodd, Jack IRL 2463.00 EUR 19 Strafpunkte 70.63 sec
B 12-j.H v.Cardento/M.v.Alligator Fontaine/SF/102ZD02/B: De Roock Gilbert Bvba jump-off
5. Levinia Strehmel, Laura GER 1478.00 EUR 1 Strafpunkt 77.89 sec
12-j.S v.Levisto/M.v.Landrebell/105CF37/B: Zg Stroehmer U.Strehmel round 1
6. Fortune Kleis, Thomas GER 1108.00 EUR 1 Strafpunkt 78.52 sec
B 10-j.S v.For Pleasure/M.v.Polydor/WESTF/104JD15/B: Kleis, Thomas round 1

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