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Penelope Leprevost releases statement



France’s top female ranked rider Penelope Leprevost has published a statement on her official Facebook account after Monday’s incident in Gothenburg.

‘Vagabond de la Pomme’ (VIGO D’ARSOUILLES) stumbled badly while being warmed up as he was trotting long and low.

Leprevost’s reaction when the stallion got back on his legs, has not gone unnoticed. On Tuesday, FEI stated that they would look into the full circumstances of the incident referring to Leprevost’s reaction as a very rough one.

Penelope Leprevost’s statement released on facebook today:

“People have been upset by images broadcast via social networks of my horse Vagabond de la Pomme who nearly fell during the warm-up before the World Cup Final in Gothenburg.

My horse was trotting, very relaxed and with his head down, when he stumbled. It was actually quite frightening and I really thought that both of us were going to fall down. I immediately checked that he was not injured. I then wanted him to pull himself together. My goal was to wake him up but not to push him too hard. The French team’s vet also checked that he was fine and had no problems.

I am deeply sorry that I over-reacted and was too strong with my horse and I want to express my sincere apologies.

I place great importance on the trust and cooperation between myself and my horses. I also have the greatest respect for their state of mind and their physical well-being.”

Source: Penelope Leprevost’s official Facebook page

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