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The Showjumpers Club Spring Tour


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Connolly’s Red Mills, Showjumpers Club Spring Tour 2016 saw two legs of the league this weekend. Killossery Lodge and Wexford Equestrian Centre hosted the events.

Results Killossery Lodge

1st Kellswater Crimson /Gerard Clarke /0/0/34.07
2nd Shenick /Matt Garrigan /0/0/37.94
3rd Rincoola Rua/ Edward Butler/ 0/0/38.27
4th Almost Persuaded /James Hogg /0/0/40.78
5th MHS La Scala /Luke Garrigan /0/0/42.81
6th Future Storm/ Tholm Keane/0/4/38.31
7th Always on my mind/James Hogg/0/4/38.61
8th Rafiki / Gerard Clarke /0+1

Result from Wexford Equestrian Centre:
1st Angela Taggart, Caugherty (Vincent Byrne) 0/0 35.45
2nd Liam O’Meara, Mr Coolcaum (Liam O’Meara) 0/0 35.96
3rd Caroline Teltsch, Delano W (Tholm Keane) 0/0 36.78
4th Eamonn Murphy, Dondoctro Ryal K (Ger O’Neill) 0/0 38.19
5th Elaine Donoghue, Guidam Clover (Vincent Byrne) 0/0 39.86
6th Sarah Ennis, BLM Diamond Delux (Sarah Ennis) 0/0 41.95
7th Brosna View Stables, BVS Echo Island (Chistopher Connell) 0/0 42.45
8th David Costello, Viere (David Costello) 0/0 48.01


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