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Lynch and Hanley on form in Zurich & Treffen


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Ireland are showing fantastic from in Zurich and Treffen, Glock Performance Centre. Denis Lynch rode ‘All Star'(Argentinus/Alme) into 2nd place in the Longines Grand Prix of Zurich.

Belgian star, Gregory Wathelet rode ‘Citzengarud Taalex'(Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Alexis Z) to the victory for team Citizengaurd Horses.

At the Glock Performance Centre in Treffen, Austria, Cameron Hanley rode his own, very talented ‘Desiree v. Marienshof'(Con Air/Chin Chin) to victory in the Youngster Tour 1.30m,

Longines Grand Prix, Zurich (1.55 m)

1. Citizenguard Taalex Wathelet, Gregory BEL 33000.00 CH 0 penalties 34.94 sec
F 12y.H /Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Alexis Z/BAY/102ZU50/ Gregory Wathelet & Alain jump-off
2. All Star Lynch, Denis IRL 20000.00 CH 0 penalties 36.48 sec
B 13y.H /Argentinus/Alme/HANN/102UL65/ Denis Lynch & Thomas Straumann jump-off
3. Clooney Fuchs, Martin SUI 15000.00 CH 0 penalties 36.60 sec
SCH 10y.W /Cornet Obolensky/Ferragamo/WESTF/103YD87/ Oberson Grégoire & Spcs jump-off
4. Giljandro van den Bosrand von Eckermann, Henrik SWE 10000.00 CH 0 penalties 36.64 sec
B 10y.H /Orlando/Clinton/BWP/SWE04056/ Onyshchenko, Oleksandr & Alves, Ber jump-off
5. Don Vhp Z Smolders, Harrie NED 6000.00 CHF 0 penalties 37.17 sec
F 12y.H /Diamant de Semilly/Voltaire/ZANG/102SO78/ Copernicus Stables Llc & Harri jump-off
6. Clintop Deusser, Daniel GER 4500.00 CHF 0 penalties 37.81 sec
B 13y.W /Clinton/Calvaro Z/BWP/GER45713/ Salamander Farm

GLOCK’s YOUNGSTER TOUR, Treffen : – 1.30 m

1. Desiree v. Marienshof Hanley, Cameron IRL 875.00 EUR 0 penalties 33.36 sec
bay 8y.M /Con Air/Chin Chin/KWPN/104GT99/ Cameron Hanley Showjumpers phase 2
2. Cougar Z G&C Hatteland, Cecilie NOR 700.00 EUR 0 penalties 34.12 sec
grey 8y.G /Calvados Z/Nonstop/ZANG/104MA04/ Gelin Melanie & Alain Collard phase 2
3. Isibel d’O Ekberg, Jonna SWE 525.00 EUR 0 penalties 35.25 sec
bay 8y.M /Diamant de Semilly/Nonstop/BWP/104KA23/ Stephex Stables phase 2
4. No Fear v. Tichelrij Z Rikkert, Kirsten NED 350.00 EUR 0 penalties 36.26 sec
bay 8y.M /Numero Uno/Heartbreaker/ZANG/104NE13/ Stal Thijssen B.V. phase 2
5. Dalli Dalli Hetzel, Holger GER 245.00 EUR 0 penalties 36.48 sec
bay 8y.G /Canturano/C-Indoctro/KWPN/103WS13/ Muehlebach,Marlis phase 2
6. Cassius van de Smis Marschall, Marcel GER 192.50 EUR 0 penalties 38.45 sec

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