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Ireland dominate at Esp Holiday Finale



Irish riders were out in force for the 2016 Holiday Finale in Palm Beach. Erynn Ballard won the 140 jumper in fine style but was closely followed by the Ronan McGuigan  riding his competitive campaigner, ‘Capall Zidane’.

Cork man Shane Sweetnam placed 3rd with ‘Cyklon 1083’ while Conor Swail rode his infamous winner ‘Dillinger’ into 4th.

The Belgian bred ‘Bonheur Van De Kapel’ again, ridden by Conor Swail finished in 5th which just one pole on the floor. Bonheur was produced in Ireland by Kildare rider Nicola Fitzgibbon.
Shane Sweetnam rode ‘Usa D’Horset’ into 6th with a time of 38.58 and 4 penalties.
Level 7 Jumper – 2016 ESP Holiday Finale
1.40m Jumper II2b
1st  CARIMBA B ridden by  ERYNN BALLARD  0| 35.68
2nd CAPALL ZIDANE ridden by RONAN MCGUIGAN 0 |36.13
3rd  CYKLON 1083 ridden by SHANE SWEETNAM  0| 39.08
4th  DILLINGER ridden by CONOR SWAIL  0 | 40.85
6th  USA D’HORSET ridden by SHANE SWEETNAM  4 |38.58



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