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Lynch takes the Masters at Mechelen



The Land Rover Masters at the Christmas Horse Show in Mechelen was taken by Irish man Denis Lynch. 

Denis Lynch was second to go riding ‘Songe de Toscane’ (Indoctro/Quick Star) . The couple were clear in a time of 38.51 to take the win.

Christian Ahlmann and ‘Cornado II’ (Cornet Obolensky/Acoba) finished in 38.42 seconds but with one jumping fault along the way.

Belgian  Jérome Guery and ‘Grand Cru van de Rozenberg’ (Malito de Reves/Heartbreaker) stopped the clock in 40.61 seconds to finish in 3rd place with one rail down.

Fourth place was a shared by Belgian riders  Pieter Devos (Equipharma Dax van d’Abdijhoeve), Jos Verlooy ( Sunshine) and Olivier Philippaerts (H&M Legend of Love),  and for the Netherlands, Harrie Smolders (Apollonia 3)


1. Songe de Toscane Lynch, Denis IRL Car 0 penalties 38.51 sec
bay 9y.S /C Indoctro/Quick Star/SF/103VE37/ Fromer,Dr. Martin jump-off 4
2. Cornado II Ahlmann, Christian GER 3750.00 EUR 4 penalties 38.42 sec
grey 10y.S /Cornet Obolensky/Acobat/WESTF/103LO68/ A. Schulze Averdiek & Hemmelho jump-off 4
3. Grand cru van de rozenberG Guery, Jerome BEL 3000.00 EUR 4 penalties 40.61 sec
chest 9y.G /Malito de Reves/Heartbreaker 89.4335/BWP/104QT79/ Guery Jerome jump-off 4
4. Equipharma Dax van d’Abdijhoev Devos, Pieter BEL 1410.00 EUR eliminated
bay 12y.G /Desir du Chateau/Clinton/BWP/BEL42341/ Stal Devos Dv jump-off 2
4. H&M Legend Of Love Philippaerts, Olivier BEL 1410.00 EUR eliminated
grey 9y.M /Landzauber/Corgraf/103KW09/ Philippaerts Ludo – Nothdurft Geral jump-off 2
4. Apollonia 23 Smolders, Harrie NED 1410.00 EUR eliminated
bay 11y.M /Bogegardens Apollo/Bogegardens Capello/DWB/103CI91/ Copernicus Stables jump-off 2
4. Sunshine Verlooy, Jos BEL 1410.00 EUR eliminated
chest 9y.G /Diamant De Semilly/Hardi/BWP/103LL67/ Eurohorse BVBA- Axel Verlooy jump-off 2

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