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John Whitaker takes H&M Ivy Stakes


John Whitaker came out on top after a 12-strong jump off in the H&M Ivy Stakes at Olympia.

Riding ‘Ornellaia’, a 10-year-old mare that he only started riding in February, John produced a super double clear in a time of 36.32 sec to take first prize.
Steve Guerdat was nearly a second in behind on 37.06sec on Bianca, while Maikel van der Vleuten and Cupido V finished fourth on 37.77sec.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.50 m)

1. Ornellaia Whitaker, John GBR 6250.00 EUR 0 penalties 36.32 sec
bay 10y.M /For Pleasure/Calato/HOLST/103DC51/ Team Harmony Management Co Ltd jump-off
2. Bianca Guerdat, Steve SUI 5000.00 EUR 0 penalties 37.06 sec
bay 9y.M /Balou du Rouet/Cardento/SWB/103DA22/ Elias Stud Farm jump-off
3. Cupido V Van der Vleuten, Maikel NED 3750.00 EUR 0 penalties 37.77 sec
bay 8y.G /Numero Uno/Lancelot/KWPN/103TB67/ Springstal van der Vleuten Bv jump-off
4. Be Gentle Gulliksen, Geir NOR 2500.00 EUR 0 penalties 38.43 sec
9y.M /Ticallux Verte/Gentleman/KWPN/104CL44/ Ronnoco Jump Ltd jump-off
5. Quadros Kutscher, Marco GER 1750.00 EUR 0 penalties 43.53 sec
grey 8y.S /Quidam de Revel/Corrado I/HOLST/103TG69/ Verband D. Züchter des Holste jump-off
6. Colestus Beerbaum, Ludger GER 1375.00 EUR 0 penalties 44.58 sec
grey 9y.S /Cornet Obolensky/Stakkato/WESTF/103BZ12/ Winter-Schulze, Madeleine jump-off

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