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Maher & Boomerang win Olympia Masters



Photo: British Showjumping
Ben Maher and ‘Boomerang’ (Orlando/Lux)  have taken the win in  The Christmas Masters.

Congratulations on a home win Ben and team.

Int. special competition

1. Boomerang Maher, Ben GBR 14500.00 EU 0 penalties 28.18 sec
bay 9y.S /Orlando/Lux/KWPN/103UJ45/ Ben Maher Mbe & Emilie Martinsen jump-off
2. Leonard de la Ferme CH Schwizer, Pius SUI 1000.00 EUR 4 penalties 27.37 sec
bay 9y.G /Landjuweel/Indigene de Corday/CH/103OR08/ Merkli Marcel jump-off
3. Carrera VDL Vrieling, Jur NED 1000.00 EUR retired
bay 9y.S /Cardento/Baloubet du Rouet/KWPN/103RW44/ VDL Stud jump-off
4. Billy Onslow Funnell, William GBR 1000.00 EUR eliminated
chest 9y.G /Billy Congo/Iroko/AES/103VP16/ Mr & Mrs Jonathan & Jane Clarke round 4
4. Heliodor Hybris Renwick, Laura GBR 1000.00 EUR eliminated
chest 8y.G /Diamant de Semilly/Cannonball/BWP/103YB40/ Mr Colin Bates round 4
4. Usa Today Whitaker, Robert GBR 1000.00 EUR eliminated
bay 14y.S /Heartbreaker/Capitol I/KWPN/GER43551/ Miss Mandy Hall & Mrs Clare Whit round 4
7. Hendrik Ehning, Marcus GER 1000.00 EUR eliminated
8y.G /Querlybet Hero/Major de la Cour/BWP/104TM71/ Schreiber, Ecurie Fabien

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