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Mendoza wins the Longines Christmas Cracker



Jessica Mendoza and ‘Spirit T’ have won the Longines Christmas Cracker in spectacular fashion. 

Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.60 m)

1. Spirit T Mendoza, Jessica GBR 6500.00 EUR 0 penalties 31.43 sec
bay 14y.M /Tornado/Carnaval Drum/AES/103KX42/ Sarah Mendoza jump-off
2. PSG Future Schwizer, Pius SUI 5200.00 EUR 0 penalties 31.91 sec
bay 11y.G /Cashandcarry/Lorentin I/HOLST/102XS77/ Schildknecht, Peter jump-off
3. Bintang II Renwick, Laura GBR 3900.00 EUR 0 penalties 33.09 sec
bay 9y.G /Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Orlando/KWPN/103LL90/ Mr & Mrs Renwick jump-off
4. Qurack de Falaise H D C Staut, Kevin FRA 2600.00 EUR 0 penalties 33.17 sec
chest 11y.G /Jarnac SF/Fetiche du Pas/SF/102TB45/ Monsieur Armand Pette jump-off
5. Gin Chin van het Lindenhof Ehning, Marcus GER 1820.00 EUR 0 penalties 33.59 sec
grey 9y.S /Chin Chin/Calido I/BWP/103ZO28/ Ecurie Fabien Schreiber S.P.R.L jump-off
6. Argento Whitaker, John GBR 1430.00 EUR 0 penalties 33.70 sec
bay 13y.S /Arko III/Gasper/AES/GBR41988/ Mr & Mrs Whitaker jump-off
7. Clintop Deusser, Daniel GER 1040.00 EUR 0 penalties 33.98 sec

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