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Bertram Allen 4th in Gucci Gold Cup


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The Wexford born 20 year old sensation, Bertram Allen rode Quainton Studs ‘Quite Easy 4′(Quidam’s Rubin/Zapateado) to the fastest time of the night in 38.22 but collected an unfortunate four faults to finish 4th in tonight’s Gucci Gold Cup. 

The class was won by Simon Delestre riding ‘Chesal’ (Casall/Concerto I) with a clear round in a time of 39.98.

(1.55 m)

1. Chesall Delestre, Simon FRA 0 penalties 39.98 sec
chest 10y.G /Casall/Concerto II/HOLST/103EG24/ M.S.H. winning round
2. Leontine Ledimar Z H D C Delaveau, Patrice FRA 0 penalties 40.56 sec
chest 8y.M /Lodefever II/Grosso Z/[]/103OG38/ Haras Des Coudrettes -Dorian Et Chr winning round
3. VDL Groep Quatro van der Vleuten, Maikel NED 0 penalties 42.56 sec
bay 9y.G /Quaprice Boimargot Quincy/Caletto I/[]/103SM54/ Stoeterij Duyselshof winning round
4. Quiet Easy 4 Allen, Bertram IRL 4 penalties 38.22 sec
chest 11y.G /Quidam’s Rubin/Zapateado/OLDBG/102UY11/ Quainton Stud winning round
5. Nice Stephanie Leprevost, Penelope FRA 4 penalties 38.80 sec
bay 11y.M /Cardento/Ralme Z/SWB/102WN98/ Madame Geneviève MEGRET winning round
6. Balermo Kutscher, Marco GER 4 penalties 40.81 sec

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