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Cameron Hanley wins in Stuttgart


Mayos Cameron Hanley rode his own ‘Antello Z’ (Animo X Continue) to victory in the ‘Preis der Firma GEZE GmbH’ 150m class in Stuttgart tonight. 

Cameron’s time of 34.49 proved unbeatable to world number 6 Daniel Deusser riding ‘First Class Van Eeckelghem’ (Balou Du Rouet).

Last nights winner Christian Ahlmann finished 3rd riding ‘Cornado ii’in a time of 35.87. In an unusual turn of events, Ahlmanns time of 35.87 was identically matched by Patrice Delaveau riding ‘Leontine Ledimar Z HDC’

Preis der Firma GEZE GmbH
Int. Springprüfung mit Siegerrunde (1.50 m)

1. Antello Z Hanley, Cameron IRL 0 Strafpunkte 34.49 sec
bay 12-j.G v.Animo II Z/M.v.Continue/ZANG/103BJ67/B: Cameron Hanley Show Jumpers Siegerrunde
2. First Class van Eeckelghem Deusser, Daniel GER 0 Strafpunkte 35.29 sec
chest 10-j.G v.Balou du Rouet/M.v.Feinschnitt I Vd Richter/BWP/103GY41/B: Stephex Siegerrunde
3. Cornado II Ahlmann, Christian GER 0 Strafpunkte 35.87 sec
grey 10-j.S v.Cornet Obolensky (ex: Windows/M.v.Acobat I/WESTF/103LO68/B: Schulze Siegerrunde
3. Leontine Ledimar Z HDC Delaveau, Patrice FRA 0 Strafpunkte 35.87 sec
chest 8-j.M v.Lodefever II/M.v.Grosso Z/ZANG/103OG38/B: Haras Des Coudrettes -Dor Siegerrunde
5. Plot Blue Ehning, Marcus GER 0 Strafpunkte 35.90 sec
bay 18-j.S v.Mr. Blue/M.v.Pilot/KWPN/SUI08922/B: Somogyi,Kathrin & Ehning,Marcus Siegerrunde
6. VDL Groep Beauty van Asten, Leopold NED 0 Strafpunkte 36.48 sec
grey 9-j.M v.For Pleasure/M.v.Contender/KWPN/104EV13/B: Stoeterij Duyselshof Siegerrunde

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