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Ahlman wins Mercedes German Masters


Germany Christian Ahlman set out with one intention in the Mercedes German Masters and that was to drive home in the winners car.

He rode ‘Colorit’ (Coriano X Capitol) to victory in a time of 33.06. Britains John Whitaker and ‘Ornellia’ (For Plesure X Calato) into 2nd position in a time of 34.57.

Alexander Hinz and ‘Campitello’ also got on the podium in a time of 38.39.

Int. Springprüfung mit Stechen (1.55 m)
FEI Art. 238.2.2 – CSI5*-W

1. Colorit Ahlmann, Christian GER car 0 Strafpunkte 33.06 sec
grey 12-j.S v.Coriano/M.v.Capitol I/BAWUE/102VC12/B: Isaak,Klaus Im Stechen
2. Ornellaia Whitaker, John GBR 0 Strafpunkte 34.57 sec
bay 10-j.M v.For Pleasure/M.v.Calato/HOLST/B: Team Harmony Management Co LTD Im Stechen
3. Campitello Hinz, Alexander GER 0 Strafpunkte 38.39 sec
grey 10-j.G v.Concetto/M.v.Come On/OLDBG/103IG94/B: Hinz,Petra Im Stechen
4. Ayade de Septon Et HDC Staut, Kevin FRA 4 Strafpunkte 33.84 sec
chest 9-j.M v.Wandor van de Mispelaere/M.v.Belle d’Avril du Mazy/SBS/103JC26/B: H Im Stechen
5. Udermus Lindelöw, Douglas SWE 4 Strafpunkte 34.93 sec
bay 14-j.G v.Odermus R/M.v.Jackson/KWPN/102YT34/B: Horse Invest AB Im Stechen
6 Horse Gym’s Balance Haßmann, Felix GER 8 Strafpunkte 36.00 sec
chest 8-j.M v.Balou du Rouet/M.v.Ex Libris/WESTF/103VK60/B: Haßmann,Reinhard Im Stechen

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