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Tansan Properties’ Champion Tour final -Cavan


The Tansan Properties pony champions tour finals took place this weekend at Cavan Equestrian Centre. Congratulations to all the competitors. 

148-1.30m – Tansan Properties Final
1st Tony Carrabine’s Sligo Little James (Ciaran Nallon) 0/0 36.33
2nd Sandra Duffy’s Dibidoe (Ciaran Nallon) 0/0 48.14
3rd John Aylward’s Coppenagh Tom Sparrow (Oisin Aylward) 0/0 48.19
4th Anne Mills’ Adja (Sean Monaghan) 0/4 36.30
5th Yvonne Dunne’s Dalestown Cavalier (Michael Pender) 0/4 37.97
6th Michael Pender’s Entourage (Michael Pender) 0/8 34.24
7th Paul Boyle’s Casino Royale (Patrick Boyle) 0/8 45.49
8th Riona Finn’s Star Appraisal (J Naughton) 0/12 39.80
9th Allison Mercer’s Prospect Eddie (Ellie Humphries) 0/12 40.05

138-1.20m – Tansan Properties Final
1st Foleys Ponys’ Ferrybank Roy (Jason Foley) 0/0 32.73
2nd Kate Wachman’s Dycott Masterman (Max Wachman) 0/0 33.16
3rd Ann Derwin’s Sligo Lux To Queeney (Kate Derwin) 0/0 35.95
4th Elaine Taaffe’s Sandy (Jason Foley) 0/4 34.46
5th Ann Derwin’s Small Titan (Kate Derwin) 0/4 35.40
6th Ballywalter Farm’s Scarletts Billy the Kid (Max Wachman) 0/4 35.41
7th Kate Wachman’s Quest Du Buhot (Ciaran Nallon) 0/4 35.87
8th Rosaleen Sweeney’s Sakama Chezni (Taylor Sweeney) 0/4 43.69
9th Alan McCoosh’s Lily Clover (Trudie McCoosh) 0/8 34.95
10th Jonathan Reape’s Seapatrick Total Eclipse (Amy Reape) 0/8 43.37

128-1.10m Grand Prix – Tansan Properties Final
1st Foleys Ponys’ Sparkel (Max Foley) 0/0 31.31,
2nd Kate Wachman’s Murphy Spartacus (Tom Wachman) 0/0 32.51,
3rd Louise McEntee’s Star Spangled Banner (John McEntee) 0/0 35.92,
4th Ann Derwin’s Buachaill Baire (Francis Derwin) 0/4 31.00,
5th Ballywalter Farms’ Little Jack Spratt (Max Wachman) 0/4 31.03,
6th Ann Derwin’s Essenar Jinja Ninja (Francis Derwin) 0/4 31.32,
7th Jean Finney’s Ballyknock Master Roan (Alex Finney) 0/4 32.60,
8th Ann Derwin’s Toorboy Tommy (Aine Shortall) 0/4 34.63,
9th Gareth Cassidy’s Little Ceaser (Ellie-Rose Cassidy) 0/4 35.80,
10th Marjorie Dunne’s Wingland Heloise (Ashley Dunne) 0/8 29.61

128-1m Speed
Sponsored by Fintan Shortall
1st Mary Power’s Sasha (Katie Power),
2nd Louise Mc Entee’s Super Sonic (Katie Mc Entee),
3rd Virginia Cassidy’s Kilcraathan Princess (Jane Cassidy),
4th Michael Murphy’s Troglan (Lauren Murphy),
5th Diarmuid O Sullivan’s Redcross Apache (Roisin O Sullivan),
6th Virginia Cassidy’s Capparoe Chic (Eabha Cassidy),
7th Lorcan Hennessy’s Ballynoe Vicki Vale (Seamus Hennessy),
8th Marina Sayle’s Fenaghbeg Ever (Freya Sayle)

128-85cm Under 10’s Grand Prix
Sponsored by Shortall International Transport
1st Jane Clarke’s Lenamore Mini Metro (Maeve Clarke) 0/0 34.42,
2nd Victoria Clarke’s PARC Crème Brulee (Camryn Clarke) 0/0 37.00,
3rd Sarah Doherty’s Emerald Lucky (Oliver Doherty) 0/0 37.49,
4th Barra Sweetnam’s King of Rock & Roll (Senan Reape) 0/0 38.04,
5th Dale Adams’ Dimples Dilema (Maisie Adams) 0/0 38.96,
6th Kate Wachman’s Absolutely Beautiful (Timmy Brennan) 0/0 40.32,
7th Dale Adams’ Killaloe Gypsy (Maisie Adams) 0/0 49.90,
8th Ann Derwin’s Taggarts Express (Lauren Murphy) 0/0 52.89

Source: Cavan Equestrian Centre

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