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Leprevost makes Lyon her own


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Penelope Leprevost and Flora De Mariposa (For Pleasure x Powerlight) held their from after their World Cup-win in Oslo two weeks ago.They took the win in Friday’s Longines Grand Prix in Lyon. France’s leading lady rider beat nineteen others in the jump-off including Hendrik Von Eckerman and Meredith Micheals Beerbaum.
Kevin Staut and Haras Des Coudrettes ‘Reveur des Hurtebise HDC’ (Kashmir van Schuttershof x Capricieux Des Six Censes) was the fastest in the jump-off but on the expense of four faults.

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Épreuve barème A avec barrage (1.50 – 1.60 m)

1. 59 Flora de Mariposa Leprevost, Penelope FRA 25000.00 EU 0 penalties 39.12 sec
chest 10y.M /For Pleasure/Power Light/BWP/103IR58/ Madame Geneviève MEGRET jump-off
2. 48 Sansibar 89 von Eckermann, Henrik SWE 20000.00 EU 0 penalties 39.70 sec
bay 9y.M /Stakkato Gold/Wolkenstein II/HANN/104DJ98/ Camaran Stable BV jump-off
3. 20 Fibonacci Michaels-Beerbaum, Meredith GER 15000.00 EU 0 penalties 40.20 sec
grey 10y.G /For Feeling/Corland/SWB/103UD28/ Artemis Equestrian Farm LLC jump-off
4. 75 Reveur de Hurtebise H D C Staut, Kevin FRA 10000.00 EU 4 penalties 38.64 sec
chest 14y.G /Kashmir van Schuttershof/Capricieux Des Six Censes/SBS/SWE40272/ Har jump-off
5. 94 Quenelle du Py Robert, Olivier FRA 7000.00 EUR 4 penalties 39.26 sec
chest 11y.M /Tresor du Renom/Ryon d’Anzex/AA/102YJ09/ Olivier Robert/pierre Fr.Bu jump-off
6. 88 Lintea Tequila Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS 5500.00 EUR 4 penalties 39.74 sec
bay 12y.M /Campbell/Corrado II/HOLST/SLO40109/ Stal Tops B.V.

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