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Showjumper found slaughtered on owner’s Florida farm


We have learned of the horrific incident the took place in Florida, where the French bred gelding ‘Phedras de Blondel’ (Fetiche du Pas x Belphegor IV) was found slaughtered on his owners farm. Debbie Stephens and her husband Steve Stephens, recently bought the horse from France and he was brought into the States just days before. There is a reward offered for the capture of these ruthless ‘people’ who took the life of an innocent animal for horse meat. Please read the Stevens’ statement below and help with the investigations. The people responsible do not belong in our society. 

”It is with very heavy hearts that we confirm today’s tragic events. Last night someone trespassed onto the farm and stole a valuable grand prix horse that Debbie just purchased from France. They took the horse to the farthest edge of the property and brutally murdered him and butchered the body for meat.

We are shocked and horrified by this gruesome act and are working around the clock to find any information connected that could lead us to the monsters responsible. We are reaching out to the horse community for your help. This could happen to anyone. We have very strong security, camera surveillance as well as 10+ people living on the property and this still happened. This should be a wake up call to everyone involved with horses, we need to band together and eliminate the slaughter and sale of horses for meat. Your horse could be next.

We are offering a reward for any tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in this crime. We have set up a go fund me page for anyone wanting to contribute to the reward fund.”
All funds received will be put in the form of a Reward through the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Crime Stoppers. Should a tip come in that leads to an arrest and conviction, the individual will be rewarded through the Crime Stoppers Program. 1-866-634-TIPS (8477)  Source: Centennial Farm Inc.Facebook.


‘Phedras de Blondel’


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