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Cameron Hanley & Antello Z win Donaueschingen Grand prix


Ireland’s Cameron Hanley produced a lightning-fast jump-off round on board Antello Z to snatch this afternoon’s (Sunday) three-star Grand Prix at Donaueschingen, Germany.

The Mayo rider was one of only four from a start list of thirty-three to post a clear round first time out, as the vast majority of riders struggled over the 1m60 course.
The jump-off target was set at a stiff 49.28 by Dutchman Marc Houtzager who went clear again on board Sterrehof’s Ushi.
Hanley and Antello were last to go in the decider, and put in a stunning exhibition of speed and jumping to come home clear with well over a second to spare in 48.04.
Germany’s Jan Wernke on Queen Mary took third in 49.90 – the only other pairing to deliver a second clear round in the event.
It was the latest in a series of impressive performances by Hanley and twelve-year-old Antello, and they take home a purse of 10,448 euro for their efforts.

Siegerpreis gegeben von Mercedes Benz
Int. Springprüfung mit Stechen (1.60 m)

1. Antello Z Hanley, Cameron IRL car 0 Strafpunkte 48.04 sec
B 12-j.W v.Animo II Z/M.v.Continue/ZANG/103BJ67/B: Cameron Hanley Show Jumpers IRL Im Stechen
2. Sterrehof’s Ushi Houtzager, Marc NED 10448 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 49.28 sec
F 11-j.S v.Vigo d’Arsouilles/M.v.Goethe/SBS/102ZI30/B: Stoeterij Sterrehof B.V. NED Im Stechen
3. Queen Mary Wernke, Jan GER 7836 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 49.90 sec
B 13-j.S v.Contendro/M.v.Caretino/HOLST/102NE46/B: Haase, Friedhelm GER Im Stechen
4. Legioner Hetzel, Holger GER 5224 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 49.41 sec
11-j.W v.Limbus/M.v.Calido I/HOLST/102YY70/B: American Equestrian Associates Ii, GER Im Stechen
5. Che Guevara Oppermann, Jörg GER 3134 EUR 1 Strafpunkt 84.06 sec
F 14-j.H v.Concept/M.v.Rebel Z/HOLST/GER45077/B: Eufinger Heinz GER Im Umlauf
6. Salvador V (NL) Ehning, Johannes GER 2351 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 79.40 sec
16-j.W v.Calvados/M.v.Voltaire/KWPN/FRA41994/B: Nybor Pferde GmbH & Co.Kg GER Im Umlauf

Source: http://www.horsesportireland.ie

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