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Grand prix winners this weekend


Grand Prix Round up:

TRM/Horseware Premier Series Grand Prix from Tattersalls 26th July:

1st Ringwood Glen/Capt. Michael Kelly 0/0 39.35

2nd Falco Van Spieveld/D.Rogan 0/0 42.02

3rd New World/F.Curran 0/0 43.34

4th Tabby/Damien Griffin 0/0 45.36

5th Mullaghdrin Touch The Stars/E.Doyle 0/0 51.39

6th Monastery Stud More Pleasure/A.Butler 1 49.23

10 through to Jump Off

TRM/Horseware National Grand Prix Tattersalls 25th July Result:

1st Poker Des Dames/N.Fitzgibbon 0/0 35.66

2nd Aramis 573/C.O’Connor 0/0 35.97

3rd Ribanbelle Tame/P.Moloney 0/0 36.63

4th Doonaveeragh O One/R.Power 0/0 36.65

5th Mr Rockefeller/V.Byrne 0/0 36.79

6th Tabby/D.Griffin 0/037.01

11 through to jump off one withdrawn 10 jumped second phase.

TRM/Horseware National Grand Prix from Ballinasloe 24th July result.
1st Amaretto/T O’Brien 0/0/37.49
2nd Mr Coolcaum/ L O’Mears 0/0/38.81
3rd Ikan/R Fagan 0/0/ 39.32
4th Norway Venture/N Barry 0/0/41.21
5th Galway Brigade/M Hynes 0/0/43.92
6th Zanzibar/G Clarke 0/4/37.85



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