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Brash lands first big class at Cannes


Scott Brash started Cannes 2015 with a dramatic win in the big class of the day, 3 seconds ahead of his nearest rival, France’s Julien Epaillard. It was a blistering start to the first day on the French Riviera.

Ben Maher took an early lead with ]’Aristo Z’ (Andiamo Z x Flamenco Desemilly). He was soon overtaken by fellow British rider, John Whitaker (GBR) with the stallion ‘Argento’ (Arko III x Gasper) after they completed a very fast clear round in 64.62..

However, both were beaten by their compatriot Scott Brash who delivered an effortlessly smooth and quick round with ‘Hello Annie’ (Contendro I x For Pleasure), owned by Lady Pauline Kirkham and Lady Pauline Harris. Scott took the win 3 seconds faster than top French rider Julien Epaillard  and ‘Sheriff de la Nutria LM’ (Diamant de Semilly x Papillon Rouge).

CSI5*, the 1.50m Prix FFE French Tour Generali


Scott Brash and Hello Annie

8,085 0.00 61.18

Julien Epaillard  and Sheriff de la Nutria LM

4,900 0.00 64.09

John Whitaker and Argento

3,675 0.00 64.62

Ali Yousef Al Rumaihi and Gunder

2,450 0.00 65.51

Ben Maher and Aristo Z

1,470 0.00 65.63

Maikel van der Vleuten and VDL Groep Arera C

1,103 0.00 67.61

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