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Moloney wins in Wexford



Congratulations to Eddie Moloney and ‘MHS La Scala’ for their win in the HSI/ Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour at the Wexford Equestrian Centre today. 

http://www.team-nijhof.nl/ Partners http://jerstirrup.it/

HSI/ Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour

1st   Eddie Moloneys MHS La Scala ( Owner) 0/0 32.20
2nd James Weldons Mr Rockefeller ( Vincent Byrne) 0/0 32.44
3rd Niall Greenes Tonagh Trip the lights ( Eddie Maloney) 0/0 32.52

4th  Hadley Sport Horses Realt na Carraig ( Liam O’ Meara) 0/0 33.66

5th   Deirdre Bourns & Hans Jurgen Kuehnle Tullibards Bennys Legacy ( Jessica Kuehnle ) 0/0 37.73
6th  Tom Doyles BLM Authentic Diamond ( Deirdre Doyle) 0/0 40.42 7

7th Sean Kavanaghs The Kingdom ( owner) 0/0 41.85
8th  Marguerite Ryans Cavalier Teaca ( Jack Ryan) 0/4 33.73

Young rider – Jessica Kuehnle
Pro Am – Dierdre Doyle

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