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Team Ireland win in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in Ocala


Photo: Team Ireland Equestrian

Photo: Team Ireland EquestrianTeam 

Ireland won the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in Ocala last night. The team included Lorcan Gallagher, making his Nations Cup début.


1st Ireland 4 faults: Darragh Kenny/Picolo (Owner Oakland Ventures) 0/8 Lorcan Gallagher/Diktator Van De Boslandhoeve (Owner Lisa Lourie, Spy Coast Farms) 0/4 Kevin Babington/Shorapur (Owner The Shorapur Group) 0/0 Conor Swail/Grafton (Owners Ariel and Susan Grange) 0/0

2nd  USA 8 faults: Ohlala (Lauren Hough) 4/4, Juvina (Georgina Bloomberg) 0/0, Cedric (Laura Kraut) 6/15, Simon (Beezie Madden) 0/0.

3rd Columbia 12 faults: Conconcreto Apardi (Daniel Bluman) 8/4, Troya Retiro (Juan Pablo Betancourt) 0/8, Exacto LS (Ilan Bluman) 0/9, Woklahoma (Roberto Teran Tafur) 0/0.

3rd Canada 12 faults: Showgirl (Yann Candele) 0/4, Verdi lll (Tiffany Foster) 4/12, Dixon (Ian Miller) 0/4, Zigali PS (Eric Lamaze) 0/4.

5th  Venezuela 16 faults: Verdi (Andres Rodriguez) 4/4, Wilco (Emanuel Andrade) 4/16, Atlodetto FZ (Luis Fernando Larrazabal) 0/8, Antares (Pablo Barrios) 0/0.

6th Mexico 28 faults: Caressini L (Luis Alejandro Plascancia) 13/DNS, Jumex Sport Archimdes (Sofia Larrea B) 4/8, Bariano (Eugenio Garza Perez) 0/4, Barbaro (Nicolas Pizarro) 8/4.

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