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Cameron Hanley – An admirable sportsman with a great attitude


By STS Augusta

January 13, It was announced Cameron Hanley would no longer be riding for Team EuroAsia and his string of international horses would in future, be seen under Switzerland’s Pius Schwizer.

In a press release from EuroAsia: “The entire EuroAsia team warmly thanks Cameron Hanley for the great achievements made together and wishes him the best in his showjumping endeavours. The EuroAsia horses will pursue their top level showjumping career in the Swiss colours under Pius Schwizer. Closer to their owners, they move to his facilities in Solothurn, allowing also the Swiss young talent Morgane Dassio (17yo) to join the team.”

Cameron truly is an admirable sportsman and wishes Euro Asia and Pius Schwizer the best of luck: “As a rider who bonds very closely with his horses it will be hard to let go, but this is part of life and part of our sport. I wish the horses all the success they deserve in the future. They are all stars.”…..”The support i have received from my friends the last few days is truly humbling, but no one should feel sorry for me…I am very lucky to have had these horses in my life at all and even more lucky that i had the chance to ride them, now its time for new challenges.”

Cameron, (2009 Irish showjumper of the year) has had a tough few years. He damaged his knee in a freak accident in the summer of 2011 while playing with his children at home in Germany.

He spent four months in hospital and had 17 operations, after rupturing his patella tendon.

Cameron made an unbelievable return to the top level of showjumping and competed at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy last summer. This man has the courage and resolution it takes to compete at the very top level. This week he has lost his top team of horses but undoubtedly, he will remain at the top of the sport and help Ireland in their campaign for Rio 2016!!!

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