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Deusser wins the ”Prize of LGT”


Daniel Deusser and ”Espyrante” have won tonight’s (155) ”Prize of LGT” feature class. Ireland’s Jessica Kurten and ”Vdl Arezzo” came home in 5th place. Denis Lynch and ”All Star 5” finished 8th.

Congratulations to all the competitors.

1. Espyrante Deusser,Daniel GER 0 penalties 35.24 sec jump-off
2. Quorida de Treho Duguet,Romain SUI 0 penalties 35.50 sec jump-off
3. Malou Modolo Zanotelli,Marlon BRA 0 penalties 35.94 sec jump-off
4. Armstrong van de Kapel Philippaerts,Olivier BEL 0 penalties 36.50 sec jump-off
5. Arezzo VDL Kürten,Jessica IRL 0 penalties 36.86 sec jump-off
6. Flora de Mariposa Leprevost,Pénélope FRA 0 penalties 37.41 sec jump-off
7. Casallo Z Bucci,Piergiorgio ITA 4 penalties 37.74 sec jump-off
8. All Star 5 Lynch,Denis IRL 4 penalties 38.21 sec jump-off
9. Colestus Beerbaum,Ludger GER 4 penalties 39.91 sec jump-off
10. PSG Future Fuchs,Martin SUI 4 penalties 41.03 sec jump-off

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