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By Niamh D.O Gorman

Ireland’s young superstar Bertram Allen and his speed horse ‘Wild Thing L’ came out on top in tonight’s Christmas Speed stakes. The class was a huge crowd pleaser with lighting fast horse and rider combinations taking on Alan Wades difficult 1.50 track.

Constant Van Paesschen and ‘Ralphy Utopia De Ransbeck” held the lead until the very end until Bertram bettered his time. 3rd went to Marlon Zanotelli and the Eiklid Family’s ”Vera”. Guy Williams was 4th followed by Ben Maher in 5th with ‘Cloud Nine’and Reed Kessler and ”Soraya de l’Obstination”in 6th.

107 Wild Thing L Allen, Bertram IRL 6000.00 EUR 0 penalties 58.16 sec
bay 11y.M /Montreux/Lux/KWPN/BEL42375/ Ballywalter Farms & Billy Twomey
2. 31 Ralphy Utopia de Ransbeck Van Paesschen, Constant BEL 4800.00 EUR 0 penalties 59.92 sec
chest 13y.M /SBS/BEL42229/ Jill Monfort
3. 197 Vera Módolo Zanotelli, Marlon BRA 3600.00 EUR 0 penalties 60.13 sec
bay 9y.M /Contender/Corrado II/HOLST/103UF57/ Eiklid Family
4. 81 Casper de Muze Williams, Guy GBR 2400.00 EUR 0 penalties 60.78 sec
chest 12y.G /Triomphe de Muze/Corsaire de Vauban/BWP/NED42455/ Guy Williams
5. 35 Cloud Nine II Maher, Ben GBR 1680.00 EUR 0 penalties 60.85 sec
grey 12y.G /Lando/Calido/OLDBG/103KU86/ Mrs Lynsey Cook
6. 183 Soraya de l’Obstination Kessler, Reed USA 1320.00 EUR 0 penalties 61.15 sec
chest 12y.M /Kashmir van Schuttershof/Skippy-Ii/SBS/BEL42561/ Kessler Show Stable

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