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Twomey second to Rolf-Göran Bengtsson in Lyon Grand Prix



Cork born Billy Twomey finished in second place in the Longines Grand Prix at Lyon, France, riding the gelding Diaghilev, owned by Terry Payne.

Billy was one of 12 riders to go against the clock and  held on to second place from early in the final round, But it was Sweden’s Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and the 15 year-old stallion Casall Ask, who took home first place being a third of a second faster.

Twomey and Bengtsson,  recorded two of just seven double clear rounds of the 47 starters.


1. Casall Ask Bengtsson, Rolf-Göran SWE 25000.00 EU 0 penalties 41.94 sec
bay 15y.S /Caretino/Lavall I/HOLST/GER27997/ Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner jump-off
2. Diaghilev Twomey, Billy IRL 20000.00 EU 0 penalties 42.26 sec
bay 11y.G /Vangelis S/Handstreich/SHBGB/102MH66/ Mr C T Payne jump-off
3. Ryan des Hayettes Delestre, Simon FRA 15000.00 EU 0 penalties 42.67 sec
chest 9y.G /Hugo Gesmeray SF/SF/103GL81/ M. Simon Delestre Et M. Philippe Be jump-off
4. Vagabond de la Pomme Leprevost, Pénélope FRA 10000.00 EU 0 penalties 43.42 sec
bay 9y.S /Vigo d’Arsouilles/SBS/103IL63/ Madame Genevieve Megret jump-off
5. Status Pessoa, Rodrigo BRA 7000.00 EUR 0 penalties 44.31 sec
dbay 10y.G /Satisfaction/Sao Paulo/HANN/103CT41/ Rodgrigo Pessoa & Pessoa Stables jump-off
6. Dimaro v.d. Looise Heide Kingsrod, Dag Ove NOR 5500.00 EUR 0 penalties 48.19 sec
bay 11y.G /Kashmir Van Schuttershof/Flamenco Desemilly/BWP/103FS38/ Kingsrød Trad jump-off
7. Ego van Orti Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS 4000.00 EUR 0 penalties 49.88 sec
bay 10y.G /Vigo d’Arsouilles/Darco/BWP/102OP34/ Tops Horse Trading BV & Edwina To jump-off
8. Carinjo HDC Delaveau, Patrice FRA 3000.00 EUR 4 penalties 40.43 sec
bay 13y.S /Cascavelle/Landgraf I/HOLST/102ON79/ Haras Des Coudrettes jump-off
9. Baros Schwizer, Pius SUI 3000.00 EUR 4 penalties 40.48 sec
grey 8y.M /Casco/Larino/KWPN/103MX85/ Schwizer Pius jump-off
10. Reveur de Hurtebise HDC Staut, Kevin FRA 2500.00 EUR 4 penalties 42.38 sec
chest 13y.G /Kashmir van Schuttershof/Capricieux Des Six Censes/SBS/SWE40272/ Har jump-off

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