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Even the very best riders keep learning!



Leading French rider and world number 10, Pénélope Leprévost is a prime example of riders who continue to evolve and keep learning throughout their careers. Pénélope has trained with recently retired, world renowned horse rider and trainer, Michel Robert for many years.

Pénélope herself, is a rider who inspires thousands of young riders and older professionals to improve their riding skills. You would think this would encourage her to sit back and be confident about her riding ability and training methods. However, this is not the case. Pénélope is a true professional and never wants to stop learning and improving. She has recently signed up with World renowned trainers Katie Monaghan Prudent (USA) and Henri Prudent (FRA). Top show jumper Reed Kessler trained with Katie and Henri Prudent for many years.

Pénélope is still very close with Michel Robert who still trains her very talented daughter Eden. Pénélope will now mix other training methods to her current regime.This is what the very best riders do. They mix different methods from top riders and find a style that works for them and allows them to continue improving throughout their careers.

So to all the young riders out there, winning championships is not all that makes you a champion, its the dedication to continued learning in the pursuit of excelling at your desired level of riding!

By Niamh O Gorman


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